Meet the World’s Ugliest Dog: Terrifying but Cute!

The winner of the world’s ugliest dog competition has been announced and, this year, the sought-after prize goes to SweePee Rambo, amidst some controversy that the judge awarded extra points for an oozing sore!

This year, the competition was held on 24th June in Petaluma, California, where sixteen of the world’s least beautiful mutts competed for the $1,500 prize, an all-expenses paid trip of a lifetime to New York, and instant international fame.

SweePee enjoying a cuddle
SweePee enjoying a cuddle

Despite accusations of unfairness from the disgruntled losers, it was clear to observers that SweePee Rambo was in a league of ugliness all of her own and easily saw off stiff competition, including a Dachshund cross that was the image of Donald Trump! The tiny Chinese Crested dog is bald apart from straggly wisps of off-white hair emerging from her scalp. She is blind, often incontinent, and has a spine which is arched at 90 degrees, giving her a severely hunched appearance. The 17-year-old dog suffers from acute arthritis in her hind legs, leaving them bowed. If all this wasn’t enough, SweePee is also completely toothless.

Officially the World's Ugliest Dog!
Officially the World’s Ugliest Dog!

Despite all these ugly-making afflictions, we think that SweePee is undeniably cute – she wears a little nappy with a tiny hole so that her rat-like tail can poke through! We can clearly see why owner Jason Wurtz from California is equally besotted and proud of his elderly and ugly dog, who has been his best friend since he rescued her when she was a tiny puppy. He is planning to use SweePee’s prize money to improve her quality of life – she needs to have a tumour removed from her gum. Let’s hope SweePee and Jason enjoy their celebrity status for many months to come!

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The winner of the world's ugliest dog competition has been announced and, this year, the sought-after prize goes to SweePee Rambo, amidst some controversy...

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