This mischievous dolphin stole a woman’s iPad!

A hilarious video of a thieving dolphin surfaced on August 7th and quickly went viral! The incident happened at SeaWorld Orlando, while a small crowd was gathered near the dolphin pool. 

The woman was standing in a group of SeaWorld visitors who were admiring the dolphins and taking pictures of them (unsurprisingly, the dolphins are always a very popular attraction). All of a sudden one of them jumped up, snatched her iPad by its pink sleeve, and dropped it in the water!

source: Kuadiel Gomez (facebook)
source: Kuadiel Gomez (facebook)
source: Kuadiel Gomez (facebook)

Kuadiel Gomez, who filmed the whole scene and shared it on Facebook, described in the same post how “his other dolphin friends started splashing and soaking the entire crowd of people” — evidently, the dolphins were in the mood for a bit of mischief that day! Some of them reportedly even lunged up at him, as if they wanted to take his camera too, but thankfully he escaped with all of his devices intact. Otherwise, we would have missed out on this great footage!

Dolphins have a reputation for being funny and sometimes cheeky animals, but it’s the first time we’ve heard of a case where one directly snatched a valuable item from someone’s hands. We’ll certainly be more careful the next time we visit a park with dolphins! It is not known whether the iPad survived the event (we hope so, those don’t come cheap!), but at least its owner will have a amazing story to tell.

Strangely enough, the iPad theft has sparked somewhat of a controversy; some experts claim that the dolphin did it because it was bored in its aquarium, while others argue that they are naturally curious animals who always seek interaction even when they’re kept in the best conditions. No matter who’s right, it’s undeniable that dolphins are very smart, and we certainly wouldn’t deny them more enrichment in order to avoid future incidents. We’d probably still forgive them if they stole our electronics, though — I mean, just look at that face!

source: Kuadiel Gomez (facebook)
source: Kuadiel Gomez (facebook)
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