This Instagram celebrity with 2.9M followers… is a cat?

Internet users are known for being obsessed with cats, but one particular kitty has recently reached new heights of popularity. Her Instagram following even rivals that of several human celebrities!

Source : @nala_cat

Nala, who’s described as a Siamese/tabby mix, is an adorable 5-year-old cat with humble beginnings. Her owner found her as a kitten in a Los Angeles shelter and adopted her on the spot – even though she hadn’t been planning on bringing a kitty home that day, this one was just too lovable to resist!

Nala (@nala_cat) is now the most popular cat on Instagram, with 2.9 million followers, which is no small feat considering all the other famous felines who also have accounts. She’s even managed to gain more subscribers than Grumpy Cat (possibly the most famous internet cat of all time), though Grumpy still has more Facebook likes. Thankfully, Nala isn’t jealous at all of her competitors, and even occasionally meets up with them at events.

Source : NYDailyNews

At some point she gained an adoptive brother, a white male cat, who is arguably a bit less photogenic but still very cute. The craze around them is so big that they have their own line of t-shirts, pillows, pet accessories and more! Their page also serves to spread the message that adoption is an awesome way to get a new pet.

In the end, the question remains: what made this specific kitty so popular? No one really knows, though there are many theories. Some say that it’s a combination of luck, good branding, and a clever use of hashtags. Others think that it simply comes down to Nala’s cute face… and they certainly have a point! Her round eyes give her a sweet air that few other cats could pull off. But no matter what the true reason(s) for her success are, her rags-to-riches story is definitely inspiring.

Source : @nala_cat




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Internet users are known for being obsessed with cats, but one particular kitty has recently reached new heights of popularity. Her Instagram following even...

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